Child Care in Mountain Island Lake Area of Charlotte, NC
Contact Info
Discovery Harbor Learning Center, LLC
8425 Discovery Lane
Charlotte, NC 28216

Telephone: 704.399.5077
Fax: 980.297.7332
Open 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday - Friday

Our Child Care Philosophy

Provide a dynamic learning experience, utilizing “growing-edge” strategies for active learners in a performance-based curriculum.  Our high-caliber child care center is a five-star licensed center by the North Carolina Division of Child Development meeting all Mecklenburg Health Department and Environmental Standards.  Your child is our number one goal for care, education and growth.  Their health and safety will be protected by security entry and exit, attendance procedures, staff and family accountability, nutritional assessment, and web monitoring.  As a family at DHLC, you may want to “peek” in from time to time using our Web Cast Feature secured by your personalized login accessed via your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Early Childhood Training & Education

Our early childhood education curriculum-based approach means that you can trust that we will challenge your child with developmental and motor skills.  As your child passes from our care into the public or private school system, we want to know that we have set a strong foundation in their social and motor skills as well as allowed them to achieve a positive self-esteem toward themselves, classmates, family and towards learning.

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