Child Care in Mountain Island Lake Area of Charlotte, NC
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Early Childhood Education Programs in Charlotte, NC

Discovery Harbor Learning Center in Charlotte, NC offers early childhood education and care programs for everything from infants and toddlers to school aged children. With comprehensive child care services, we are proud to provide a nurturing and educational environment for your child to grow and develop.

Infant & Toddler Care Service

Our caring staff has experience caring for children at all stages of life, including infancy. We know how important this developmental stage is, and we provide a caring and nurturing space to help foster language and cognitive development. Schedule a tour to find out more about our infant and toddler care programs.

Pre-Kindergarten Education

Preparing your child for kindergarten is an important step in making sure your child makes a successful transition into school aged education. Our five star child care center offers a pre-kindergarten program that will prepare your child for success in private or public education in the future.

School Age Child Care Service

We provide after school child care services as well as full day care services on days when school is out. Our child care services are tailored to provide a safe environment for your child and allowing them to complete homework, play, and rest. Give us a call today to find out more about our child care services.

Summer Camp Day Care

We offer summer camp with different learning themes each week. We participate events to allow children to learn valuable skills and explore additional learning opportunities, all in a fun and educational environment. Registration for our summer program opens every March.

No matter what program you enroll your child in, you can count on a dedicated staff to provide a caring, educational environment. Schedule a tour of our child care center today! We proudly serve families in the Charlotte, NC area.

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