Child Care in Mountain Island Lake Area of Charlotte, NC
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Discovery Harbor Learning Center, LLC
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Child Care Services in Charlotte, NC

Infants & Toddlers
Child Care Center Charlotte, NC

Our Infant Classroom Teachers give you a great peace of mind in caring for your child and communicating with you. You benefit from the years of experience this team brings for you and your child. An infant has different needs than older children and our staff and daily routines account for their needs. Our daily menu is always modified for infants and younger children with parents selecting foods they have first introduced at home or bringing in their own type of baby foods. Please schedule a tour to see how this room is set apart from the typical infant care.

Day Care Center Charlotte, NC

On our ship, the Infant/Toddler Programs are designed to provide a warm, caring environment that excites the senses and enhances all areas of your child’s development. Through individualized activities, as well as small group play, your child’s curiosity will be stimulated while building social skills and self-esteem. Each day is planned with developmentally appropriate, hands-on exploration to promote your child’s fine and gross motor skills. We integrate weekly themes into the classroom, which promotes language and cognitive development as well as preparation for early literacy.

Tour our child care center!

Discovery Harbor Learning Center is the trusted child care center for parents all over the Charlotte, NC area. We know how nerve wracking it can be to find a day care to watch your children, especially with infants and toddlers. That is why our compassionate staff is trained to provide the highest level of child care so you don’t have to worry. Call today to take a tour of our child care center!

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